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I joined a class called Journal Your Christmas. It's all about capturing your Christmas memories. The gal who runs the class posts a journaling prompt as well as photo ideas each day. Those participating create a journal, whether it is small, big, printed, digital, or a combination of things. And you can do as little or as much as you want (which is perfect for me).

I think I'll use my blog as a means of recording my journaling. That way when I have a little more time, I can make the actual book or not, whatever suits my fancy :)

The first day (today) is about the manifesto - what is the plan. Here is the manifesto provided by the class.

From this manifesto, the things that catch my attention are: give from the heart, rekindle the magic, and find peace, celebrate joy, remember.

My goal for this project is to put into words the experiences and things we do during this wonderful season. I want a visual way to remember things and not just by going through my folders of photos, but in one place with written memories.

I'm excited for this adventure. Here's to making memories!

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