Day 30 - Grateful for getting things done

I have toiled, agonized, groaned, inwardly cursed, rejoiced, and more on a project at work for about a week and today I finally finished it. Yes, there are a few tweaks to make and some additional information to add, but the bulk of the work (and the brain draining part) is now behind me. LOVE getting to this point!

I am grateful for the skills I have that allow me to complete complex projects and even more thankful for the wonderful feeling that comes with completing a task.


Day 29 - Thankful for leftovers

Thanksgiving provides some of the best leftovers - turkey, stuffing, rolls, cranberry sauce, and more. It's nice to come home at night and know there is something yummy that only requires a little reheating time before you can eat.

In fact, I think I'll go have me a little stuffing - love those leftovers!


Day 28 - Thankful for hair dye

Yes, I did say hair dye. I've been greying since my mid-20s and most of the time I color it often enough that I don't really realize how much grey I have. Well this time I waited a little too long. Oy, I'm getting old and grey! Luckily most of it is only visible if you lifted up the top layers, but there are more grey hairs than brown now by a long shot. Enter Garnier hair color - heaven bless the person that created this life-saving beauty item. I admit, I'm a little vain about my hair color - I don't want to look older than I am (I'm old enough as it is :) ).

So today, I'm grateful that when I was drying my hair, going layer by layer, no grey hair was visible because that beautiful, green box called Cool Tea washed it all away!


Day 27 - Thankful for a decorated house

Most years we are decorated the weekend of Thanksgiving, but this year, we started earlier than usual because of the puppies. Wow did it take a long time! But everything is done and I'm so grateful that we are finished. Now I can enjoy the lights and decorations each night before I go to bed. And we're ready for the party on Friday night!

I'm grateful for Christmas decorations and having this part of the holidays behind us.


Day 25 - Thankful for sunshine

While it wasn't a super sunny day, the rain they predicted didn't come, which meant a walk with the puppies and plenty of time for the hounds to play outside. At this time of year I am usually longing for snow (which I still am in a way), but with the puppies, nice weather is so much better because then they can play outside and get their wiggles out.

So I'm grateful for nice weather this late in November - but will also be very excited when the snow comes.


Day 24 - Grateful for good food and family

Spent Thanksgiving with J's family today (which really is my family by association). The food was wonderful - so many good cooks in the family. Had a great time chatting, watching football, and chasing the puppies. I'm grateful for my extended family and for their willingness to accept me so willingly into their family. And I'm grateful for all that I have.

Today was a great day filled with good food and time with people I love. I'm grateful for days like today.


Day 23 - Thankful for a blessed life

I have so much to be grateful for. I live in a free country with friends that I love dearly. I have a very good job. I live in a beautiful and comfortable home. I have dogs that brighten my day in so many ways. I am surrounded by friends and family. I believe in Christ and know that some day I will return to his presence. I could go on and on because I truly am blessed.

I am grateful for all that I have been blessed with. Life is good!


Day 22 - Thankful for escaping the office

Today we had a team activity and it was so nice to escape the office for a few hours and enjoy time with people I work with and enjoy being with. I'm grateful that I have a boss that understands that you need to do fun things together as well as work together. And I'm grateful for a few hours to do something non-work.


Day 21 - Thankful for Chocolate

Some days chocolate is what makes the day or helps you get through the day. And I find that some of my favorite chocolate candies appear at this time of year - Mint M&Ms, Cadbury Christmas balls, Sweet's Orange or Raspberry Sticks, Mint Truffle Kisses, and Dove's Peppermint Bark Promises (these are to die for).

Ah, life is good, especially when there is chocolate!


Day 20 - Thankful for the beauty of Christmas lights

I recognize that it is still November AND not yet Thanksgiving, but Christmas decorating starts early around here. Partly because it takes at least a week to get everything up (at least before we got the puppies - now it appears to take twice as long) and partly because I LOVE having the decorations up as long as I can, especially the lights.

There is something so absolutely peaceful and soothing about Christmas lights. Whether on a tree, the mantel, the railing - you get the idea, I can sit and stare at them or use them as the main light source. I love all white, but I also enjoy a good color combination.

And so tonight as I sit in my family room with the Christmas lights on, I'm grateful for their beauty and the peaceful feeling they instill in me.


Day 19 - Thankful for a weekend home

It has been absolutely wonderful being home this weekend, especially knowing it isn't just for one weekend, but for several months of weekends. There is nothing like getting up and enjoying time just being awake and not having to rush to do anything (well except feed the hounds).

I'm so very grateful for home, weekends, and especially weekends at home.


Day 17 - Grateful for take out

Some weeks are busy and others feel insanely busy. The funny thing is, this week really hasn't been insanely busy but I think hitting this point in the year has me feeling a little out of control (just finished my last work trip, holidays approaching, gearing up for next year's events). So when it was suggested that I stop and pick up dinner on the way home from Ruby River, I was thrilled. I love that restaurants do take out, especially places that we love to eat at. The meal was delicious and we didn't have to lift a finger to make it.

I'm very grateful for good food that is made for me :)


Day 16 - Grateful for sleeping puppies

Although I'm a little partial, I think these pups are mighty cute, whether sleeping or awake. But tonight when I peeked into their pen to check on them, there they were curled up with each other and Hazel's paw over the top of Gracie as if she were protecting her little sister. It was so sweet! I love checking on them while they are sleeping to see what position they are in - sometimes on their backs, other times curled up next to each other, and occasionally on opposite ends.

Tonight I am thankful for two adorable puppies that love each other and want to be close to each other especially when sleeping.


Day 15 - Grateful for cozy sweater vests

Today wasn't the coldest day recently, but I was chilled most of the day and the sweater vest I wore was cozy and comforting. I love that feeling of being wrapped in warmth and softness. It took the edge off the chill and was easy to remove when I did get really warm at work (that only lasted about an hour while we were moving around a lot).

I'm grateful for the warmth my cozy sweater vest provided.


Day 14 - Grateful for a day at home

Although I didn't get much done, it was wonderful being home. I played with the pups, did laundry, and relaxed. It was exactly what I needed!

I'm grateful that after working the weekend I get to stay home on Monday.


Day 13 - Thankful to be home

I love my job, the people I meet, and the energy I gain from being at the events. But, I also get to this point in the year and am so very ready to be home. I love the comfort and peace in our home. I love being with the hounds. I like having my daily routines. I like spending time with those that I love.

So today I'm grateful for the end of my travel and time to be home.


Day 9 - Thankful for snuggly puppies

Most mornings the pups are so excited to be up that once they eat they start wrestling and playing. This morning they played some, but then each found a toy and brought it over and sat next to me while they chewed away. They also would run over and nuzzle my neck (before biting my hair :) ). It was so sweet and melted my heart - just one more way they are making sure they are embedded in our lives.

I'm thankful for the sweet side of the pups, especially when I won't see them for a few days while I'm traveling. It made leaving a little harder, but left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling that's stayed with me all day.


Day 8 - Thankful for...

I tried to find one word or a simple way to say what I'm grateful for, but couldn't. It needs more than that. I'm thankful for the knowledge I have of life after death, of a Heavenly Father that loves me, and to know that some day I will return to his presence.

I attended a funeral today that was very sweet - the stories shared about the wonderful woman we were honoring were enlightening, funny, and touching. It was a time to reflect on my life and what I want to do with it and if I'm on the right track. I'm by no means perfect or even close, but this knowledge carries me through and helps me focus on what is important.

I'm grateful for my knowledge of my Heavenly Father and his plan for me.


Day 6 - Thankful for naps

Since the new pups my sleep has been interrupted and I'm getting more and more tired. Today I struggled to stay awake during a wonderful lesson at church - so frustrating!! And so I came home, curled up on the couch and dozed for about 20 mins. It was heavenly!

So today I'm grateful for the refreshing and rejuvenating effects of a brief nap.


Day 5 - Grateful for an extra hour

Yes, I much prefer Fall Back to Spring Forward when it comes to time changes. I've heard several people talk about how they'll use this extra hour - most very productively. Me, I'm up later than I'd like, so that means I'll be using that extra hour for sleep, which happens to be a favorite weekend activity.

I'm thankful that we get back an hour and I'd really be fine with not changing the clocks at all in 2012 - in case anyone wanted to know. Enjoy your extra hour!


Day 4 - Thankful for weekends

Some weeks when you get to Friday you are more grateful than usual for the weekend. That would be this week! The week was good, just busy and the weekend offers the hope of time to catch up. So I'm grateful for a change of pace for the next two days.


Day 3 - Grateful for Time to Create

Today at work I had the wonderful opportunity to design two cards. It was a blast!!! It is unfortunate that most of the time I have to have a reason to be creative or make something. But that's the reality of life right now.

Regardless, I am grateful for the time I had to create today and for the satisfaction it provides in my life.


Day 2 - Thankful for Christmas Music

I know, it is only November 2nd, but at least I waited until November! Christmas music makes me happy! I know all the words to most of the songs and can sing at the top of my lungs or pretend I'm singing with an amazing choir (I would love to sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but that be a dream). Christmas music makes my commute more enjoyable. Christmas music speaks to my soul - it brings out emotions, memories, and feelings that are often deeply buried. Christmas music should be a year round experience.

So today, I'm grateful for Christmas music and the wonderful feeling it instills in me.


A Month of Gratitude - 2011

I try to remember to be grateful year round, but November naturally lends itself to focusing on gratitude. And so I'll spend the month appreciating what I have through word and photos. Just like last year, items I'm grateful for are in no particular order, just what come to mind that day.

Today I'm grateful to be surrounded by people that care about me, who check on me when they think something is up, who love me no matter how weird or emotional I get, who understand my quirks, who are there for me no matter what, who laugh, cry, smile, and share hugs. My life is so much better because of these people.





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