Winter White Mornings

Winter White - that's the color that greets me most mornings, but today it was closer to Foggy Gray, which had me hoping that it was snowing. But alas, it was not. But the cold and moisture from the snow created a fog-like, cloudiness that wrapped the mountains in a fluffy blanket. Even though it wasn't as cold as usual (19 degrees) the extra moisture in the air produced an icy film over the exterior of my car creating a delicate pattern that reminded me of a lace doily. Beauty found!

As I crested Point of the Mountain on my way home from work, I caught a glimpse of the first haze layer of the season. Not only is it an ugly brownish color, it messes with the air quality causing many to curse the cold, winter weather. But the haze has a bright side to it - colorful sunsets. And so as I drove, I watched the western sky turn a lovely pinkish-orange and then fade to a purplish hue before giving way to darkness. More beauty found!

And so ends another winter day in December, with hope for a Winter White day in the near future, which will produce more beauty.

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