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In the car, while cleaning carpets, quietly at work, at church, and pretty much anywhere else I can sing a Christmas carol. For most people, Halloween means trick-or-treaters and candy, but for me it means it's time to load the Christmas music on my iPod! I confess, I have about 30 songs I keep on my iPod year round - my favorites, but the real playlist comes out on November 1.

Christmas music evokes so many emotions. It makes me happy and gets my toes a tapping especially when I hear Wizards in Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Tears come to my eyes when I sing along with Mary Let Me Hold Her Baby by Michael McLean. When The Secret of Christmas by SHeDaisy plays I stop and think about how I treat others and if I carry the Christmas spirit with me throughout the year or not. I could go on and on.

But by far, my favorite song is O Holy Night especially when sung by Josh Groban, but I also enjoy Lonestar, Thurl Bailey, and Martina McBride's versions as well. I love this song so much that if I should happen to pass away in a season that is appropriate for this request, I have asked that O Holy Night be one of the songs at my service (I actually have it listed as a song, but some felt it might be weird if it wasn't near the holidays and so I compromised :) ). It has gorgeous music with lovely harmonies (I sing Alto so it's all about the harmony) and the text beautifully portrays the purpose of Christ's coming to earth and the night he was born.

Christmas music speaks to my soul and brightens my holidays in ways that words cannot express. Thank you to those that compose and perform these incredible carols that make my holidays complete.

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