Enjoy the Christmas Season

I'm not sure why, but this year my stress level feels a lot lower than it typically does during the Christmas season. No, I haven't finished my shopping. My packages are not shipped. I've barely wrapped what presents I have bought. But I have managed to spend about an hour each night sitting in the family room with just the Christmas lights on. Sometimes I've read, other times I've listened to music, and most of the time I'm on the computer. But it is quiet and peaceful and the lights are beautiful.

I don't know that this time to myself each night has made the difference, but for years I have tried to do this and finally I am and it is absolutely wonderful! At some point the panic may kick in, but for now I know the things I need to do and the time frame for when they need to be accomplished and I can live with this knowledge. So I'm going to enjoy this season and bask in the lights and decorations that I love adding to our home.

Let the lists wait while I enjoy the important things - friends, family, and the wonderful feeling of the Christmas season!

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