Gifts from the Heart

When I was young (as in a child), most of the gifts I gave were handmade. We had a set of Childcraft books and one was the Make and Do book. I regularly used this volume in my quest for the perfect gifts to make. I don't remember all the gift ideas pulled from this book, but I do remember the pencil holder (made from an orange juice can covered with macaroni and painted gold) and woven place mats (made from weaving strips of paper together). I wish I could remember some of the others. But I very vividly remember making a list of the people I needed gifts for and then going page by page to see what my options were and then narrowing it down to what I was sure would be the best gift ever!

As an adult, I still make a few gifts, but not nearly as many. Each year I have grand visions of things that I can make but they seldom happen as time slips away. But I still feel that same excitement in shopping and finding the perfect gift. Because after all, it's not about what the gift is, but how it is given - with love.

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