Building a sandwich

Earlier this week I compared life to a sandwich on Facebook and I truly feel like that's what life is like - you have two pieces of bread with stuff in between. Sometimes it stays an open face sandwich for several years and other times the sandwich building process is quick.

My time with Paper Crafts and Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking is a sandwich with lots of layers and a long time in building. In two days I will place the second piece of bread on this sandwich. But what a wonderful sandwich it is! And as I said in an earlier post, the people are what has made this amazing.

Today an wonderful group of people hosted a blog hop as a final tribute to the magazine. My work day was busier than I planned and so I didn't get to the hop until tonight. And well, I'm slow reading because I want to comment on each post. But I WILL make it to each and every post.

For now, let me say Thank You! This crafty community will live on as will the friendships and creativity.

I made this card for the March 2015 issue (that won't be published) using Ruby Rock-It's Handi Scandi line, but it seems appropriate for today.

I'm off to read (and cry) over a few more posts before I head to bed. If you see me tomorrow, please don't comment on my puffy eyes :)





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