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Remember being a kid and pouring through the catalog to see what you wanted to put on your list for Santa Claus? I'd fold down the pages for each possibility and then come back and narrow it down to those things I REALLY wanted. I don't really remember writing to Santa, but I do remember going to see him in the little house behind the hardware/lumber store. It was red with a scalloped, white trim. It was just big enough for his grand chair. There usually wasn't a line - it's not like we lived in a big city or something, so we'd park, walk up, sit on his lap and give him the official list. No pictures, but definitely candy canes. Some years it was a full size cane and others it was a miniature one. Once Santa knew, there was no need to worry - he had the list.

The funny thing is, I can't really remember what I put on any of those lists, except the year I asked for a bike. And honestly, I think the only reason I remember that year is because there's a picture of me finding it on Christmas morning.

I'm past the age for sitting on Santa's lap, but there's still a kid in me that loves thinking about my Christmas list. It isn't big, but I definitely have a list. But I also have a big list with everyone that I'm shopping for and the gifts I'm getting them. This list is probably agonized over more than my personal list is. And yes, I still go through catalogs and magazines and ads and turn down pages for possible gifts to get and then go back and narrow it down to what I think will be the perfect gift for that person. It's part of the holiday experience - making the list and checking it twice. Although I rarely find anyone who's been naughty, just those that are nice.

Merry Christmas!

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