This week....

  • We worked our tails off at work packing and shipping for two shows - Valley Forge and Nashville
  • I walked the dogs two mornings - short, slow walks, but at least I was out walking
  • I saw Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows part 2 - great movie, hard to see it come to an end
  • We went to dinner with Denise and Mom Thomas and then chatted at the house for a couple hours while enjoying ice cream
  • I wore sandals with no wraps or bandages on my heel - oh happy day!!!
  • I bought the most adorable stamps from Paper Smooches
  • I admitted out loud to a friend that I might have a new addiction - Pinterest
  • I got my hair cut - let's hope this style works better or at least hides the flaws my hair has :)


4th of July Balloon Fest

For the past 27 years, Provo has held a Balloon Fest as part of their July 4th festivities. While we haven't gone every year, we have definitely attended quite a few and in looking back, may have been at the first one (but we don't want to admit we're that old).

Each year there are the standard balloons - the Stars & Stripes, the patchwork designs, and even the Piggy Bank has been around the past few years. And then there are the ones that come randomly like Smokey the Bear. And this year, there were two new additions that definitely stood out - Darth Vader and a Coca Cola bottle.

The balloons are spread around a large field and at their designated time start filling with air, which is then heated and causes the balloon to lift. It's fun to walk around and see the varying stages of inflation and to look inside the huge balloons.

This year I didn't do much walking since I was sporting the beautiful, purple cast and it was dewy on the grass. Instead I sat back and took photos. The balloon fest never disappoints - lots of beautiful balloons, a hot, pancake breakfast, and time to chat with friends.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! I also tried out some of my new Photoshop Elements Actions on these photos. I'm kind of addicted the edge burn :)


Another week...

Why are the week's after a holiday so much longer than other weeks? That sums up this week. Here are a few details.

  • I lost a cast and gained a less than attractive boot type shoe
  • I wore a real shoes on both feet for the first time in three weeks
  • I watched Harry Potter Deathly Hallows pt. 1 in preparation for part 2
  • I watched two of my favorite summer TV series - The Closer and Rizzoli and Isles
  • I walked a little better each day - less of a limp
  • I got home a little earlier than I typically do, but will be better next week
  • I just realized I forgot to recap last week - oh well :)
  • I added new music to my iTunes


Close to You

I think the song Close to You was written with Mabel in mind. Bless her punkin' heart, she just needs to be close to someone.

So imagine my surprise when I opened my bathroom door after showering to find this:

She had gotten as close to me as she could, seeing as the door was closed. Not only was she sleeping, but she was zonked! I was able to step over her, get my camera, step back over her, and take several pictures.

I love this hound!! And while some days the need to be close to you is a little much, most of the time there's nothing better than having this sweet baby next to me.

As a side note, I downloaded several Photoshop Elements actions from The Pioneer Woman and used a couple of them on these photos just to see what they would do. The photo above used the edge burn. Here are two more images of sleeping beauty.

Notice the ear is almost over her eye for a complete black out. Used the colorized action on this photo.

Another angle of the sleeping hound. Used the vintage action on this photo.


New computer, new challenges

I'm very excited because I got a new laptop from work, which is great since my previous one was struggling. The catch? Getting everything back to what I had on my other computer - installing software, putting files back on that I had backed up, etc.

So, this morning, I took the most adorable pictures of Mabel sleeping. Tonight I plugged my camera into my laptop, uploaded the files, and then went to Photoshop to organize them. That was 30 minutes ago. Apparently it is searching my drives for photos to index.

Long story short, I have no photos to share today, part of that new computer, new challenges thing. Stay tuned, hopefully tomorrow it will be done indexing and I will be able to get to my new photos.


Ten on the 10th - Scrapbook Products

I have quite a collection of scrapbook products (shocker, I know), so today's Ten on the 10th is a list of my favorite products. Some are items I use all the time and others I tend to hoard, because they are too beautiful to use. Some are brand specific and others are a general category. Also, the list is in no particular order, just how they happen to come to mind. Enjoy!

  1. Buttons - love them and have them in every color, but still get more any chance I can
  2. Tim Holtz Ink Applicator - I use this when inking the edges of paper; it provides such a soft color and makes quick work of inking
  3. Ribbon - not only spools, but every last scrap that is 3" or more; again, can you ever have too much ribbon?
  4. Crate Paper products - I tend to hoard this product line although it definitely is one stash that I go to first when creating
  5. Technique Tuesday stamps - I have a hard time resisting the urge to buy stamps, especially these and I tend to use them once and then add them to my collection to admire
  6. Tim Holtz Distress Inks - I have a variety of colors, but the browns are my go to ink when inking edges, but they are also great for stamping
  7. Cutterpede trimmer - I love this cutter because it is compact and cuts a straight line; some day I want a new one, but for now it does the job
  8. Tonic scissors - I resisted getting a pair for several years, but would be lost without these red handled beauties and I don't often lend them out, I have other pairs for that
  9. Cropodile - while this is not a dainty tool I keep it handy for all kinds of punching since it goes through just about anything
  10. Duck runner adhesive - this is my absolute favorite adhesive but I seldom use it now since I can't seem to find it anywhere, but it still makes the list because I love it so

Want to see other Ten on the 10th lists? Go to Shimelle's blog.


    Masking a Stamp

    Had a great time on Good Things Utah today showing how to mask a stamp to create a unique title and design on a layout. The layout is one part of a two page layout from the Think Ink class that we teach at CK Scrapbook Conventions - I changed the title by using stickers instead of the transparency they use in class and added some additional stamping.

    Here's the link to the segment: Friends & Cousins Masked Stamping Layout

    Here's the layout:

    I love stamps and have more than I use, but don't we all? The great thing about masking is that you can use a portion of a stamp to create something different. On this layout, the title is made by covering up the middle of the stamp so there's a spot to put the title without the stamped image interfering. As I mentioned, I added a little extra stamping. I loved the swirl look, so I masked most of the stamp leaving just one part of the swirl and then stamped that at the top and bottom of the patterned paper.

    This same technique can be used with sentiment stamps where you want one or more words but not all the words or objects that you want to combine into a scenery or layer on top of each other. This gives you a lot of flexibility in how you use your stamps.

    However you use your stamps, have fun with them and try different things. You never know what you'll end up creating.


    GTU Sneak Peek

    Tomorrow is Good Things Utah day and I have a fun project planned. Here's a peek at one part of the layout I'll be doing.

    As always, I'll post the link and more pictures after the segment.


    Please Stand By

    We're experiencing technical difficulties at our house related to thunder, fireworks, and thunder again. Have I mentioned that Mabel is not a fan?


    This week...

    • I carpooled to work - haven't done that in years
    • I was home earlier every night than I have been in a long time
    • I tried the new foam hair color from Nice N Easy again - still not sure I'm a fan
    • I had Cheese Bread (french bread with cheese and other fattening things that are delightful) - had forgotten how wonderful it smells while baking and tastes even better
    • I got my hair cut, nothing new, just some of the length off because it was out of control
    • I had my first watermelon of the season - so refreshing
    • I discovered sweet potato fries at Red Robin





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