Time Wasters

Time wasters. We all have them. The things we do to avoid doing what we're supposed to be doing. And yes I have them. Several of them. Really good ones that I'm pretty sure others have too.

  • Facebook - I'm just catching up on everyone's day :)
  • Candy Crush Saga - I stayed away from this for months, but once I succumbed I was hooked
  • Pinterest - Amazing how a few minutes there turns into an hour
  • Movies I've seen a thousand times - I can quote lines from them, but must see how it ends, even if it means staying up late
  • Organizing emails - putting them in folders even though it could wait until another time

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My posts are random. They cover a variety of subjects, but are mostly about things I enjoy, am inspired by, or catch my attention at that moment. I don't ever want to offend anyone by anything I write. This blog is a way to express myself and the interests I have. I hope you enjoy what I share.

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