Chore Time

It seems there is always work to do around the house. Some I don't mind, other's I would happily pay someone to do for me.

Chores I don't mind:

  • Vacuuming - there's something so fulfilling about seeing a nicely vacuumed floor
  • Mopping - same concept; it looks amazing when it is done
  • Mowing the lawn - I can lose myself in music while I mow and again, it looks great when I'm finished (I think I'm starting to see a theme here!)
Things I'd pay someone else to do:
  • Clean the bathroom - yuck, just yuck!
  • Fold clothes - I don't see much use in doing this when I know I'm going to turn around and wear them
  • Weed wacking - first of all, I'm horrible at it-I tend to create bald spot, and second, it kicks up all kinds of stuff on my legs

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