Traditions Revisited

Over the years much of the joy of the holidays involves children - nieces and nephews. The problem is, they grow up and the traditions change to accommodate their ages. One of those traditions was creating gingerbread houses. It was a yearly activity that we looked forward to as did the kids.

Tonight we started a new era of the gingerbread tradition and boy was it fun! Each child had a house (pre-built), a cupcake tin of candies and goodies, and a baggie of frosting. The two year old was fascinating to watch as he analyzed his options, sorted his goodies, and created a rather balanced design. The eight year old created a beautiful house with a high level of creativity. The six (almost seven) year old didn't like the frosting on her fingers, licked them, and then couldn't figure out why the candy kept sticking to her. Her creation was lovely as well with a definite design.

It was a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening and I am grateful for the rebirth of a beloved tradition. I also look forward to future years of decorating gingerbread. I am so blessed to have family member's who are willing to share their children.

Here are two pictures from tonight's activities.

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