Gratitude - it lifts my heart and soul

In this month of thankfulness, referred to as November, I have chosen to reflect on the blessings I have. The funny thing is, this week has been a rough one and so identifying the blessings in my life reminds me how good my life is instead of wallowing in self pity, which was not part of the original plan but definitely a benefit.

And so I'll attempt to capture the people, things, events, and more that make my life meaningful and oh, so wonderful. And no, these will not be listed in any particular order but rather influenced by the events of the day.

Today I realize how many wonderful people I am surrounded by. People that are willing to help when needed. Those that are willing to pick up and do what I can't do for myself right now. Loved ones, friends, family, co-workers, and strangers. My heart is filled with gratitude and my eyes with tears as I think of the acts of kindness received this week and especially today.

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