This morning.....

I couldn't sleep last night and so it was midnight before I settled in for sleep.Not a problem, until it was time to get up. I set my alarm last night for my usual time but during one of my jaunts during the night I reset it for a later. When the alarm went off, I rolled myself out of bed and opened my door to be greeted by Mabel and her ever wagging tail.

Now granted it didn't take much encouragement, but seeing that sweet hound made climbing back into bed even more inviting. And so I asked Mabel if she wanted up (which she rarely turns down) and up on the bed she went. We both settled in, after resetting the alarm, and soon I feel asleep with Mabel curled up at my feet.

The alarm sounded the second time, which this time could not be ignored if I was going to make it to work only slightly late, so I got up and started my morning routine. What about Mabel? Well, I did get a small tail wag and a belly to rub, but no interest in getting off the bed.

Fast forward to when I'm ready to leave but I still have a hound curled up amongst the blankets trying not to make eye contact in hopes that she can stay there all day. But her dreams were dashed as I lifted her off the bed and she made her way to the family room where she had to settle for a pillow or couch for a day's worth of lounging.

You're probably wondering how I got her off the bed since she had no interest in vacating the comfort of down and blankets. That's a little something between Mabel and I.

As evidence of how much she enjoys my bed, here's a photo from a few weeks ago. Notice how the blankets surround her - a little scruffing is a helpful technique for achieving such comfort.

I stood to the side of the doorway to capture this without her waking up.

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