Wow, it's amazing how fast life can pick up its pace. Spent the weekend in Louisville, KY at the first CK Scrapbook Convention for 2011. It was a great show, saw several people I haven't seen in awhile, and got my convention groove on. But I forgot how long the days are and how hard it is to do anything once the convention day is over, other than climb in bed, watch TV, and fall asleep. Even with the long days, the trip has its rewarding moments - seeing people so excited after class or while cropping, hugging someone who had a hard day, and laughing at dinner about the silly things that we said or that happened during the show. Somehow it all balances out.

Today is a new day! Feeling more caught up and ready for a new week. Even went for a walk with the hounds. Now if I can just get my internal clock back on track from all the time changes (not to mention "Spring forward").

Plans for the week? Good Things Utah on Wednesday, She Art Workshop in the evenings, and random other things. Mostly though, just enjoying being home and hanging with the hounds.

Life is Good!!!

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