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In a week with plenty of discussion regarding luck I'm taking a minute to record a few ways that my life is full of "luck" or maybe "golden" items. And no, I'm not Irish, but that doesn't mean I can't follow rainbows, look for four leaf clovers, or count myself lucky! (Items listed in no particular order.)

  • Friends - friends that I live with, friends that I work with, friends through Facebook, and friends that are always there even when we haven't connected in awhile.
  • Work - I have a job and one that I enjoy. I have side projects that allow me to express myself creatively and connect with other people too. And my job involves a hobby that I love and get to share with so many people, which makes me happy.
  • Hounds - I know I talk about the hounds all the time but I cannot imagine life without a dog in my life and these hounds have left big footprints on my heart. I love their silky ears, their playful natures, Mabel's constantly wagging tail, Cleo's truly Basset personality, their wrinkly paws, and the Frito smell they have after a nap.
  • Knowledge - my knowledge of where I was before this earth life and where I will go after wards. My knowledge of a Heavenly Father that loves me and watches over me. The knowledge and skills that I learned as a child from my parents (cake decorating, fishing, gardening, and more). The knowledge I've gained through formal education as well as on the job. And the opportunities I have to continue learning and gaining knowledge.
  • Stuff - I love my iPad and am lucky, so very lucky, to have one (and yes, I'm a tech junkie!). All the stuff I have to create with - scrapbook supplies, paints, cake decorating supplies, cook books, etc. And the chance to not only have stuff, but to have a place to put my stuff.
I think that about covers it. I know there are more, but these are the things that come to mind immediately. I am a very lucky person. Life is good! Happy St. Patrick's week (even if it is already past). Here's a picture of the happy hounds - they make me smile and remind me just how good life is.

Mabel in the yard last summer
Cleo sleeping - love those wrinkly paws and the ear over the eyes

Kimberlee  – (March 21, 2011 at 7:45 PM)  

What cute dogs. I love the pic of the ear over the eyes. :D

I'm a visiting classmate. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got going on from the She Art class.

Take care!

StacyC  – (March 21, 2011 at 10:12 PM)  

Thanks Kimberlee! I love those hounds - they sure brighten my life. I'll have to get back on track with the She Art class :)


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