Quiz Time

This quiz involves text and photos. It isn't a hard quiz but does require a small amount of analysis.

What do you get when you combine 18 people, four trucks, plus...

The red object is a syphon

Sponge in water bucket

Okay, write down your answer. No looking at your neighbor's answer! If you wrote down Eagle Project at the Provo Airport, then you are correct!!! If not, I'm sure your answer was close.

Today dawned bright and early, especially considering it was a Saturday and you know how I feel about sleeping in. But today's endeavor was worth missing a few extra hours of sleep, it was time for Aaron's Eagle Project. This has been a long time in coming and at one point, we weren't even sure it would happen. So when Aaron invited us to help, we didn't hesitate in responding "yes"!

So what does one do for an Eagle Project at the Provo Airport? Well, in just a few short weeks the airport is expanding it's services by adding commercial flights. In preparation, the runway signs and lights needed cleaning (or as I fondly referred to it - depoopifying - the bird kind) and the weeds needed removing around the same signs and lighta.

We divided into groups, piled into four trucks loaded with cleaning supplies and weed eaters, plus work gloves, water, and granola bars and followed the airport manager to our designated work spot. Since this is an active airport, we could not leave our area without an escort, nor could we step past the lights onto the runways. No problem! After a quick 20 minute orientation, we spent a little over three hours cleaning and removing weeds.

Luckily, the weather was marvelous! Sunny, with a high clouds and a wonderful breeze to keep things cool. We worked hard, laughed, chatted, swatted at bugs and mosquitoes, and stopped working at the designated time of noon (or shortly thereafter). And, we accomplished a lot! The airport manager was very grateful (it took him and his son three days working 10 hour days to do the job we did today).

And best of all, Aaron has the work done he needs for his Eagle Project. We couldn't be prouder Aunties! It felt good to be a part of his day and to see him lead the group. Here's the group (minus two that needed to leave a little early and me taking the picture - I quickly volunteered for this assignment as my appearance was less than stunning since I spent a little time battling wet weeds with the weed eater and well, it definitely wasn't a look I wanted captured).

Life is good!!!

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