A Royal Wedding

How many of us as little girls dreamed of our future royal wedding? Walking down the aisle with our prince. Ah, the memories. I remember practicing walking down the aisle with my veil (aka curtain or towel), flowers in hand, step-step together-step, music playing (or me humming), and then kneeling at the altar (the couch) and taking my prince's hand (my little brother). If only I could find the picture of my brother and I kneeling at the couch! Makes me laugh now, but it was so real then.

With the wedding of William and Catherine tomorrow, I have spent many hours this past week watching shows about the upcoming event. And I have to admit, a part of me is envious at all the fuss and magic of this wedding (except the constant camera shots). But mostly it has brought back the memories from my childhood and the dreams of that regal wedding to the man of my dreams.

I can't wait to watch tomorrow's wedding. Of course, I won't be dragging myself out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to watch it, but will wait and take advantage of the wonders of DVR and watch it when I will truly appreciate the splendor of it all.

Happy wedding William and Catherine! And sweet dreams to all the little girls out there - some day YOUR prince will come.

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