Do you ever wonder....

Why people do the things they do? Was it the way they were raised? Did something happen in their youth? Were they born that way?

This question applies to positive as well as negative actions, but I think it comes up more often in regards to negative behavior.

Over the past few days I've experienced multiple situations that made me stop and think about how we react to things (myself as well as others). If we're confronted, do we flee or do we stay and face up to what we've done? In an emergency situation, do we get demanding or do we express gratitude to those that are helping us? When we are told something that is not correct, do we storm off while verbally expressing how upset we are or do we calmly explain why we are frustrated?

I think the way we handle things is a reflection of who we are. I know that sometimes I handle situations with grace and other times I can definitely use improvement. I know we aren't perfect, so I hope that I'm aware enough of how my actions affect others so that I can change the things I do that are less than positive so that I don't hurt people around me.

That is my challenge to myself, think before reacting.

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