Basset Antics

The fur babies are in fine form this week - as far as Bassets go.

Two mornings in a row they've held a rousing bark-a-thon at 4 am. Not sure the neighbors are fans, I know I'm not.

Cleo loves to sit in front of the dog door and let it open and close, open and close, open and close at least 10 times. What is she doing you ask? You've got me. After this little ritual, about half the time she'll go outside and the other half she wanders back over to the family room area. Guess it wasn't very interesting outside after all.

Mabel greeted a neighbor boy last night with her normal barking when he rang the doorbell and then proceeded to provide lower more accentuated barks until he thoroughly acknowledged her and stepped close enough to scratch her ears. I think she couldn't understand why that wasn't the FIRST thing he did when I answered the door.

And yet, even with their quirky little ways, I love these sweet babies. They brighten my day and offer love anytime, often without even being asked.

Cleo can howl with the best of them!
How could you resist petting her?

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