Christmas Behind the Scenes

I love taking pictures of our decorations and this year is no exception. I have pictures of every tree in the house plus closeups. There are photos of the lights on the railing, the beautiful rugs on the walls, the festive mantel, a dozen or more of the village and the nativities. Everything is picture perfect.

Here's the reality. We have two rambunctious puppies that love to chase each other, especially around things like the ottoman, the kitchen island, and especially the Christmas tree, plus an established hound (Mabel prefers not to be called old) that loves to sleep under the tree and scruff the tree skirt. And while overall they are very good to leave the ornaments and decorations alone, every now and then a casualty happens and it is hard to keep an eye on them constantly. Plus it freaks me out to see the tree sway back and forth or spin ever so slightly.

And so we've implemented a few additions to the normal decor.

Kitchen bar stool on family room side

Kitchen bar stool AND chair on kitchen side

Gate into front room; often it is between the family room and entry so they don't head downstairs or into the front room

Unable to protect the Disney village, Pluto's dog house seems to have had a close encounter today
Does it still feel like Christmas even with these non-traditional items included in the decor? You bet! Likely you won't see them since we tend to grab and stash things if the door bell rings. Gotta preserve that picture perfect look and Christmas must go on!

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