Ahh, Christmas....

December is here, which means the Christmas season is underway. The house is decorated to the gills as usual, with a few new things thrown into the mix. The puppies are pretty good about not bothering the decor, although Eeyore in the Disney village is missing a portion of his mane and the family room tree has bar stools on two sides so they can't wrestle under or race around the tree (it is amazing that it hasn't toppled yet).

Last year at this time we were coated in a lovely winter white and while we have had several snow storms, not enough has accumulated to last more than a day. And I'm torn this year - I love the beauty that snow provides and the final touch it puts on the holidays, but the puppies need time outside to play and aren't as eager to go out when it is cold and snowy. So I'm not praying for snow yet, but have to admit I was excited when I came home to snow falling yesterday (it appears the weather man doesn't know which part of the state we live in since the forecast was for snow in the central part and I'm pretty sure we are considered Northern Utah).

I'm highly tempted to cut a few snowflakes and hang them up as encouragement for the snow to make it's official appearance. I did this as a child and it always seemed to work its magic, plus it was a fun activity and a great decoration for the windows. If I do take up the cutting challenge, it will be for a garland. Seems more grown up, but then again, my bedroom windows need a little sprucing up!

Until the real snow comes, I'll enjoy the snowflake decorations on the trees. This is one of my favorites - well of the pictures I've taken so far this year. I think every tree in the house has at least one snowflake ornament or garland or other type of snowflake as a decor item.

Can you tell I LOVE snow?? Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow......

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