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I don't know about anyone else, but my life is far from perfect. There are things I do that I think, duh! Other things I'm so grateful for experiencing. And I also know that each experience I have is adding to who I am. So why does the grass look greener on the other side of the fence? Who knows? I do know that I need to remember what I have, be grateful for it, and enjoy life.

This is also true when it comes to being creative. There are so many people that I look at what they do and think - wow, I would love to make something like that. But comparison can be a bad thing. Yes it can be a great motivator, but only if I don't let it get me down.

So this week's quote is along those lines. My life is what I make of it. It isn't perfect, but it's all mine. Have a great week!

"It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of someone elses life with perfection." --from the Bhagavad Gita

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