The Quest

I have an on-going battle - staying fit and/or losing weight. They kind of go hand-in-hand. And I recognize that this is going to sound very whiny, but it is honestly how I feel. I don't find joy in exercise. I can do it, it just isn't something I get excited about. I'm not a morning person - getting out of bed to an alarm is not on my Top 10 Things To Do list. So, getting up early to exercise doesn't happen on a regular basis. So why not do it when I get home you ask? Well, I typically get home around 6:30. At that point I just want to be home and enjoy that time - at least for a little bit. But, once I've sat for 30 minutes, that desire to go downstairs and exercise has dissipated. (Remember, I warned you that this sounds whiny :) . )

I recognize that I am full of excuses. But I am seriously envious of people that enjoy exercising and/or can stick to a weight loss plan. It seems that most of these people have a goal they are going after - running a 5K or 1/2 marathon, going to a class reunion, etc., etc.

And so, I have looked hard this week at what would motivate me to stick to this need to exercise/lose weight. I don't really like to run/jog, so the 5K or 1/2 marathon is out. I don't have a class reunion coming up. I've done the challenge where a group of friends put money in a pot and the person who loses the most by a certain date gets the funds (that didn't work out too well - we ended up giving all the money back to each person because we reset the date so many times).

I'M AT A LOSS!!! Doing it for myself just doesn't cut it. I need a WORTHY goal (not that I'm not worthy, it's just that I talk myself out of these things too easily).

Any ideas? For now, I'll continue the quest and hope that soon the right option will present itself. Until then, will you pass the box of cookies this way?? :)

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