Anyone who knows me well would NOT describe me as a morning person. It's not that I'm unpleasant in the morning it's that I don't like getting up in the morning. I enjoy sleeping in until my eyes come open on their own. Alarm clocks should be outlawed! I'm famous for setting my alarm and when it goes off either hitting the snooze or renegotiating with myself how long it will take to get ready and resetting it.

Now it's a new year and I'm trying to exercise in the morning (that's a whole different discussion). So today I got up and drug myself downstairs, exercised, showered, and then promptly laid down on the couch for a power nap. Yes, I did say power nap. I set the kitchen timer for 20 minutes, laid on the couch (joined by Mabel between my knees), and dozed until a subtle beeping awoke me. I have to confess that I did the power nap yesterday too.

So, my plan for tomorrow: get up on time, exercise, shower, and skip the power nap. I need to be to work earlier and I'm not sure the pre-work power nap is a good habit to form.


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