Life with hounds

I love our dogs! Their tails are wagging when I walk in the door (sometimes the whole butt!). They love going for walks. And no matter what kind of day you had, they love you.

But, there are times when they aren't quite as cute. For example, Mabel feels that as "the princess" she should be able to sleep wherever she wants and if someone is in that spot, they should move. Now, you need to know that we have six dog pillows throughout the house, so finding a spot is not the issue. The issue is, which spot is the preferred spot. For the past two mornings, Mabel has decided that the place where Cleo is sleeping is THE place to be and so she proceeds to bark at her in hopes that she'll get annoyed and move (which rarely happens). The real problem is that the need to have the sleeping spot is happening around 4:00 am! And I hate to admit it, but I'm getting older and when I get woken up in the middle of the night it is sometimes hard to get back to sleep. Such has been the case the past two mornings.

So, tonight I'm hoping that Mabel is happy with her sleeping place and doesn't feel the need to proclaim her princess status in the wee hours of the morning. Sleep well little hound.

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