To write or not to write

Each year in about October I start thinking "I should send Christmas cards this year." This year I actually have a stamp that would be fun for cards. And here it is the first week of December and no cards are made, let alone sent.

Why the card dilemma? Because I feel like I have to make them if I'm going to send them. I mean really, I can't send some store bought card with all those supplies in my craft room waiting to be used! And so, I can't remember the last time I sent Christmas cards.

The thing is, it isn't that I don't want to keep in touch or that I don't want to make cards, it's a time and priority thing. But I'm not one of those that includes a letter in my cards - after all, I don't have a ton of family stories to share from the year. But I know that my family and friends would probably love getting a card from me.

So, no commitments at this time, but honestly, I do still have time. But I wouldn't hold your breath cause you might pass out before you get the card :)

Sending my love and Christmas wishes (just in case :) )

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