The Stockings were Hung

But not just by the chimney, they're on the TV, above the french doors, along the window sills, and at the end of tables. Stockings in our house are more for decoration than function. Although we do have stockings that "Santa" fills on Christmas morning, but those typically are not hung up but are brought out on Christmas Eve. We lay the stockings at our designated lounging places in the family room with a towel next to them so they can be covered after they are filled.

I have two stockings now - my Odie (Garfield's dog friend) sock that says "The More the Merrier" on it and has a stuffed animal version of Odie peeking out the top and then K gave me a cross-stitched sock that she has worked on for the past 10 years (not the whole time, but off and on). J has had a cross-stitched sock that her sister made for her several years ago and so we decided to hang her sock and mine on the fireplace mantel. I LOVE my new sock - it is stunning!

Isn't it beautiful?? The detail is amazing!
I think I'll still use my Odie sock for filling purposes - I'd hate to have something happen to my new one after all the time and love put into making it.

As for what we find in our socks, it is usually practical items - hair dye, shower gel, socks, lotion, lip stuff, etc. Mixed in are some fun things like earrings, a favorite candy, and other non-practical items. J always has an orange in her sock, it was something she grew up with and is still a part of her Christmas tradition.

Christmas morning begins with going through our socks, then breakfast, and exchanging gifts. Its an important part of our holiday traditions, plus, it gives everyone a chance to wake up a little.

Did I mention how much I LOVE my new stocking?? Here's a close up and now I'll be done with how amazing it is :)

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