The Day After

What a wonderful Christmas! We got up at the negotiated hour of 8:00 am (some of us want to sleep in and others wake up early no matter what), checked out our stockings, exchanged gifts, had yummy homemade cinnamon rolls, did a quick cleaning, started prepping for dinner, exchanged a few more gifts while chatting with friends and family, and then enjoyed a marvelous meal. After a bit of relaxing and stretching (to let the food settle) we chatted some more, played a bit on the Wii, and then ate some more. It was a great day.

One thing that we added several years ago to our Christmas experience was having our friends and their children spend the night on Christmas night. Some years we have played Wii for several hours, other times we've watched a movie, but this year, it was spent in a variety of ways, but playing games on the new iPads was definitely popular. When everyone's eyes were starting to droop, since several were up past their normal bed time, we settled in for a long winter's nap.

This morning, everyone slept in and then we enjoyed breakfast, watched The Spoken Word, and then spent the day relaxing in our pj's (or something equally comfy). It is a wonderful way to spend the day after the craziness of getting ready for Christmas. We chatted, ate, printed pictures for a quick Christmas album, ate some more, played games on the iPads, ate a little more, and basically just enjoyed each other's company. Being in pjs definitely makes the day - because who wants to do your hair and makeup when you just want to be lazy??

I'm so glad we added this tradition to our holiday experience. It's the perfect way to start a week away from work.

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