Striving for Perfection

It's funny how you have a certain picture in your mind of how something will turn out. And how often does that really happen? I'd have to say, not very often. But even so, it is still so worth dreaming and coming up with a plan and putting hope out there.

As the Christmas season approaches, I have grand plans for what I want to do - make several gifts for people, send out handmade cards, packages for family in California sent early, and so on. In reality, the two sewing projects I had planned for this year are not started and I'm pretty sure one will not get made and the other is on the maybe list. No cards are made and well, that's on the maybe list too. And those packages to California....what really constitutes early?? Earlier than last year?? Early in the week?? Laugh if you will, but this is the logic that runs through my head.

But, if I stop and look around, I see our house beautifully decorated with time in the evenings to relax and enjoy the lighted decor. I have time at home right now, instead of traveling for work. I have time planned with friends and loved ones to do the activities that make this season meaningful and memorable.

So while all the things that I had envisioned in my wee brain may not come to life, my life is good and happy and I am content. And that's what this season is all about - doing and being with those you love and making memories and sharing joy.

Perfection will always be there, but time marches on and people and opportunities may not exist next year. And so, I will embrace what is reality and let go of the dream (or at least lessen my grip on it) so that I can enjoy Christmas and the many blessings it offers.

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