Food, food, and more food!

What would the holidays be without a few favorite treats? Okay, so maybe it's more than a few, but it is a wonderful time to indulge. There's the fudge (no nuts please), popcorn balls, sugar cookies, corn pop candy, mint M&Ms, homemade caramels, and mincemeat pie. Then there's the meals that must be made. Homemade pizza, chips and dip, cheeseballs and crackers, shrimp, and more for Christmas Eve. Then the feast of all feasts on Christmas day! Prime Rib! Oh how amazing the house smells as it bakes to perfection. Plus there's scallop potatoes, frog eye salad, apple salad, homemade rolls, ham (for those that are not fans of the beast), green bean casserole, brussel sprouts in a decadent sauce (which still doesn't it make it worth it to eat the brussel sprouts), and then dessert.

It's no wonder the number one goal for the new year is to lose weight - I think I'm adding pounds just thinking about this. But, the holidays wouldn't seem quite right if at least a few of these foods weren't part of the plan. Some of these are recipes handed down through the years and others were recent adoptees.

Life is good and having so many delightful things to eat is a great reminder of just how good it is.

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