Deck the Halls

I admit, the decorations in our house are a little over the top. But it is also one of the parts of Christmas that brings me the greatest joy. I love decorating! Looking for the perfect ornament or decor, finding just the right spot for it, having a vision and seeing it all come together, and then, sitting back and enjoying the sights. Pretty much every inch of the common parts of the house are decorated in some way, including the outside (not every inch, but it is still decorated).

The kitchen table is transformed to a beautiful red, green, and white coordination of plates, place mats, runners, cookie jar centerpiece, and a couple of accent pieces. The counter tops are lined with plates (standing upright, not with food), kitchen Santas, and other festive items. The china hutch is transformed - everything that normally is displayed is carefully packed away and Christmas treasures are carefully placed on each shelf. I could go on and on, but it would take pages. Funny thing, the year we finished the basement we joked that we had to because we had run out of room to decorate upstairs (that's only partially true, but it did provide some additional decorating options).

Of course the trees, village, and nativity display are the focal points for the locations or rooms in which they are housed with many supporting decorations on the walls and other surfaces.

Each year we say we aren't going to get anything new for next year, but then Christmas time approaches and the stores put out their new things and we lose all self-control. I mean, who can resist??

I love our home, but there is something about the Christmas decorations that makes it extra special. So until I'm too old to haul the boxes upstairs, the show must go on! Deck the halls with.... just about anything, as long as it is a Christmas decoration.

Let the Tour Begin
Welcome to the tour. Please, no flash photography and refrain from asking questions during the tour. And no food or drinks.

Santa perched atop the tree

Garland, lights, and bows on the railing
Red & White tree downstairs; decorated table; reindeer rug
Downstairs tree next to nativity display
Nativities on display
Village in the front room with the main tree

The front room tree (before the village is added)
Even the Bloodhound table participates in the festivities
Without any presents, the Christmas tree is the perfect place for a nap

That concludes our tour. I hope you enjoyed it. And, please don't judge, we all have our addictions, some just aren't visible or posted on our blogs :)

Merry Christmas!

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