Car rides

Cleo needed her allergy shot so we headed for the vet today. She was so excited as she and I headed out to the car, but once she realized Mabel wasn't joining us, her doggie brain determined that this likely wasn't a pleasure trip. And so the talking began.

When she has something to say, she makes this throaty, whining sound. It can mean she's excited or nervous. In this case, it was nervous since it was accompanied by shivers. But a quick trip to the open window calmed the nerves and she enjoyed the breeze blowing through her lips while her ears whipped back and forth. The cutest part of car rides with Cleo is when she spots a person - she gets so excited and really starts talking. There were several times that she talked to the people and kids in cars next to us and they returned her enthusiasm with smiles.

After the brief vet visit, we stopped at A&W to pick up an ice cream cone - the reward for enduring the vet's office. Once again, her excitement got the best of her and she started talking as we placed the order at the drive up speaker - I could hear the girl taking the order giggling. When we got to the window, she offered a doggie treat, but I explained to her that the ice cream WAS the treat. Cleo thoroughly enjoyed her ice cream cone, we finished our drive home, and now she is exhausted and curled up sleeping next to me.

Car rides with hounds is definitely an adventure, but so worth it to see their excitement and watch them talking to people passing by.

Life is good!

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