Copic Coloring Day 2

Today's coloring involved combining two unrelated colors and blending them. There were two different approaches. One was picking up the darker color by touching the tip of the lighter pen to the darker pen and then feathering it onto the colored image to blend the dark with the light. I did this with the blue and yellow bird and it worked pretty well.

The second approach you colored the darker color on an acrylic block (or acetate or another slick surface) and then you pick up the color from the block with the lighter pen and feather it onto the image until it is blended. I used this for the butterfly and the green and brown bird. I LOVED doing it this way. I felt like I had more control and it reminded me of when I watercolor.

Also, I bought new paper today, but didn't get my practice sheets printed on it yet. I'll give it a try tomorrow, but today's coloring was a little easier with what I had.

Can't wait to try today's techniques! Off to watch the videos.

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