And I'm behind...

No big surprise, but dang it, I was going to stay on top of the practice for this class. But life happens and so I'm just now sharing my day 5 practice. We learned about coloring skin and hair, which turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. The hair especially. I'm fine with the sides, but the top section isn't going the way I want - it feels like it's one big blob up there. But I do love the highlighted look I managed for the sides.

Also, I'm feeling like I need other options for skin tones. I made what I have work, but if I'm going to do people on a regular basis, I want different colors. But honestly, I think I'll be coloring more animals and inanimate objects than people so for now, I'm good.

You'll notice I only did the skin on the first girl because of the lack of color options. The hair was what I really wanted to focus on.

Next up is animal fur, which I should have colored today and didn't get to so maybe tomorrow!

Happy creating!

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