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Just like most things in life, if it is important enough or you want to do it bad enough, you probably need to schedule it or else it won't happen. that's the way creating is for me. I either need to schedule it or I need to take advantage of every little opportunity. And this weekend was a creative one for me.

It started with working on two projects at CK Scrap & Play in Provo on Friday night. I wasn't sure I was going to have time, but packed projects just in case. And is it worked out, I had time.

Today, I started working on my project for my next Good Things Utah segment. It's almost finished, but needs a few final touches and assembly.

But the project I had the most fun with were Halloween cards. I'm not one to usually send cards on this holiday, but when I saw this adorable stamp set from Skipping Stones Design, I knew I had to make them this year. I think this stamp spoke to me because we have a hotdog costume for the hounds and the stamp looks just like them!

Here's a picture of Mabel sporting the costume.

And here's the finished card.

It was a wonderfully, creative day! Also, I'm going to try and post instructions or photos showing the process for creating a project once a week. Recognize this may not always happen - especially since there are weeks I don't even write on my blog :) But, I'm going to give it a try.

Have a wonderful week!

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