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So, I took a little break, but now I'm back.

Today, Mabel played with one of her favorite toys - a bottle. It doesn't matter what type of bottle - water, root beer, gatorade, etc. But if you are drinking from a bottle, she will bark at you and then stare until you hand over the empty bottle (she would gladly take the not empty bottle but we prefer to not have drink on our carpets). Once she has the coveted bottle, the challenge begins - taking the cap off. We have tried tightening the cap, leaving it lose, but not matter how it is attached, she can get the lid off. To prove my point, a few photos of the process. Enjoy!

It's all about the angle and holding it with the paws.

Let's see if a different angle will work.

Attacking the cap from the side rather than the whole thing.

Maybe flat is a better approach.

From the top again.

Victory!! Now to lick out the remnants from the drink.

That was exhausting but so worth it!

Ahh, life with a Basset :)

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