Belly Lovin'

There are many things to love about Bassets - droopy eyes, waddle when they walk, howling at the front window, and so much more. But Basset bellies, they are something to behold!

They tend to droop down when walking. Spread to the side when laying down. And are covered with spots that resemble a cow's hide. And boy do they love to show off their bellies!

So when the hounds roll onto their backs, it's hard to resist rubbing them. And at times blowing raspberries on them (although Mabel won't usually hold still for such silliness).

You can imagine my delight when both offered up their bellies and luckily the camera was within reach. Unfortunately, stillness is not a hound trait so the photos are a little out of focus. But you get the idea.

Release the hound......bellies!

Cleo showing off the finer points of her belly - two angles.
Mabel putting her whole body into the belly show.
Once the bellies were sufficiently admired, rewards were in order (or at least that was Cleo's opinion). I placed a few mini marshmallows in my pocket and this is the look I was waiting for - hound anticipation.

So intent and so dang cute!
And just a few candid shots that I couldn't resist.

She's got the look down pat - droopy eyes will get you just about anything!

Mabel wasn't sure she wanted her picture taken again :)
I love these dogs so much! Life wouldn't be the same without them.

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