Things to remember when fishing

This weekend we headed to Idaho for the Wilson family reunion. One of the activities was fishing, so we took our boat (which also doubled as a Uhaul for our luggage since there were eight of us in the vehicle). Saturday morning dawned bright and beautiful. We had a quick breakfast of cinnamon rolls and fruit and headed for the lake.

Several years ago, when we first got this boat, we had a small problem with putting the plug in the wrong hole, which caused the boat to fill with water. The problem was easily remedied - take the boat out of the water and put the plug in the correct location.

So this weekend, we got to the lake, loaded everyone in the boat, and prepped it for launch. I watched J put the plug in the boat, climbed in, and settled in for a fun day of fishing. J backed the boat into the water and then parked. Once she was in the boat, we went to get the life jackets out and discovered water in the hold. Not a happy moment, especially since J and I both knew the plug was in.

She ran and grabbed the car, backed the trailer in, and loaded the boat back on the trailer. We pulled it out and sure enough, the plug was in the wrong hole. What a bummer!!! The construction on this boat has a hole for the bilge pump right above the hole where the plug goes.

The best part, both times this has happened we've had one of J's family with us. And last time, she said she was glad that would never happen again. So, if you see written on the back of our boat "Plug goes here" you'll know why. This is one story that is likely to be told again, but the good news, we had a great day of fishing!

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