Close to You

I think the song Close to You was written with Mabel in mind. Bless her punkin' heart, she just needs to be close to someone.

So imagine my surprise when I opened my bathroom door after showering to find this:

She had gotten as close to me as she could, seeing as the door was closed. Not only was she sleeping, but she was zonked! I was able to step over her, get my camera, step back over her, and take several pictures.

I love this hound!! And while some days the need to be close to you is a little much, most of the time there's nothing better than having this sweet baby next to me.

As a side note, I downloaded several Photoshop Elements actions from The Pioneer Woman and used a couple of them on these photos just to see what they would do. The photo above used the edge burn. Here are two more images of sleeping beauty.

Notice the ear is almost over her eye for a complete black out. Used the colorized action on this photo.

Another angle of the sleeping hound. Used the vintage action on this photo.

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