A Bad Day of Fishing...

is better than a good day at work :)

And we decided to put this quote to the test at Lake Powell this weekend. We went to Hite, which is on the north end of the lake where the Colorado River comes in. We've never been to this part of the lake so it was a fun adventure. The weather forecast said 20% chance of rain Friday night and then clear on Saturday. Sure enough, the 20% chance of rain found us, on the lake. But before the drenching downpour we had some good fishing. We, and I'm using we in the royal way since I didn't catch any fish, caught several large mouth bass and a striper.

As we fished we watched the storm develop. It was actually quite impressive. There were tons of clouds, lightening, and thunder - the kind that bounces off the mountains. Luckily we hadn't gone far from the dock so it didn't take long to get back when the rain started.

Here's one of the bass that was caught:

We headed back to the motel, grabbed some dinner, and watched Boise State on TV. We set the alarms for 4:45 am (gotta get on the lake at first light). The next morning when we got up it was raining and looked like it had rained most of the night. We decided to stick with the plan and head to the lake. It was an hour away and as we got closer found that the storm wasn't at the lake - yippee for us!!

We launched and headed out. We fished several places with not a single bite. So we moved on. Tried some additional places and realized that the clouds were building again. Sure enough, the rain started again so we headed back towards the dock but decided to keep fishing and see if it blew over.

And then the fun began! We spotted a boil!!! A boil is where the stripers corral other fish and push them to the surface for a feeding frenzy. They are so fun to fish, because you basically throw in your line and bring in a fish, over, and over. It was a small boil but we did manage to pull in one striper - a beautiful four pounder. Unfortunately, no photo because it was raining. Not only raining, but pelting us - you could hear it come across the lake. So we packed it in, headed for the dock, and sat in the car for about 30 minutes waiting for the storm to blow over, which it did.

We headed out one more time. Not much happened in the fishing arena except this fine specimen - the fish that couldn't get away:

Yes, you are seeing correctly, the lure is at the top (it's about 2 inches long) and the cute little baby fish is at the bottom. He was just barely larger than the lure. We had a good laugh, tossed him back, and continued the quest. Needless to say, after another hour of fishing a variety of spots, a couple rain showers, and no fish, we called it a day.

Was it better than being at work? Yes!!! The scenery was beautiful, the company entertaining, and it was refreshing to be in nature. While the fish weren't biting on Saturday morning, I took a couple pictures of the area as the sun came up. Enjoy!

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