Snow Hounds

This morning we woke up to 8 inches of snow. Not a big deal, unless you are a Basset Hound who needs to go out and do their business. You see, it's okay to romp and play in snow that comes up to your chin, but squatting, that's a whole different expectation.

So, I grabbed the shovel, cleared the deck, the stairs, the dog ramp, a path to the grass, and two grass patches (so no squatting in snow was required). Feeling pretty proud of myself and out comes Mabel. What does she do? Walks over to the snow covered sidewalk (only about 2 inches of snow there because of the blowing factor) and squats and piddles. NICE! Good thing I cleared those grass patches!

But I know she'll use it later so it's all good. But it is funny to see the hounds romping in the snow with only their heads and tails visible until they "rabbit" hop through the mounds. So cute!

On my way home, I discovered another snow hound of sorts - actually a beagle. We have a neighbor that creates snow sculptures on a regular basis when there's a ready snow supply. He is amazing! Tonight's sculpture is Snoopy and Woodstock. The lighting was still pretty good, so I snapped a picture.


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