There are some words that must be spelled at our house. R-I-D-E, W-A-L-K, and T-R-E-A-T. If you forget to spell and say the word, you better be prepared to deliver! Recently, jingling the keys also gets an excited response - apparently that means RIDE as well :)

Monday night when I took the hounds for a ride up the canyon, I took my camera with me to capture a few of the fun moments. It makes me smile how happy they are - even though Cleo is quite serious the entire time. Mabel prefers what we call the "Queen's Throne" - the spot between the front seats. She stands with her back legs on the back seat and front paws on the storage bin between the front seats. I wish you could see Mabel, she reminds me of Max on the Grinch when he's riding on the front of the sled. Ears perked up, smiling, and tail wagging. This is Mabel!

Here's a few pictures to give you an idea of what rides in the car are like with the hounds.

Cleo's favorite place - head out the window watching everything!

Cleo getting a better view

Mabel trying to crowd out Cleo - it's what little sisters do!

Mabel out her window

A focused Mabel in the Queen's Throne

Mabel assuming the position - it's all about controlling the Queen's Throne! Notice the tail is wagging :)

Now you know the joys of riding in the car with two Basset Hounds. It really is fun, even if it does leave a lot of hair. Just knowing how happy they are makes it all worth it. If you ever see us around town, you may also get to hear Cleo talk to you - it's a kind of throaty cry/squeak that she makes whenever she sees someone standing or in the car next to us.

Love those hounds!

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