Gifts of Christmas Past

It's amazing how memory works. I can remember the Christmas I received my first bike - blue with a little white basket. I remember the doll from my childhood that I loved as if it was a real baby. And I remember a beautiful cabinet my grandfather made to hold my tea sets. And yet I can barely remember the gifts from the past few years. Yes, I'm getting older, but is that really the reason?

What I do remember are the feelings from each Christmas as we open presents together and then later with extended family. The excitement and hope that what I am gave someone will be enjoyed. Trying to capture that perfect expression in a photograph and hoping it isn't blurry. And then sitting together afterward enjoying each other's company.

And so I will continue to remember the past, meaning my childhood, and keep the feelings of the recent past tucked away in my heart, because that's what really matters at this age.

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