The week of....

  • Movies - the latest releases in the theater; the latest releases on DVD; favorite Christmas movies
  • Popcorn - theater popcorn with butter part way through the bag and then again on top; my own bag because others add extra salt and that's WAY too much for me
  • Munching - leftovers from Christmas dinner; snacks from neighbors; favorites like caramel chocolate dipped pretzels, corn pop candy, and fudge; crackers and cheese ball; chips and dip
  • Eating out - it is the last week before the NEW year, which means undoing the damage done in the last month and more; plus there are restaurant gift cards that must be used
  • Hanging out in jammies - mornings are slow; jammies acceptable attire
  • Real breakfasts - hash browns; scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese; fried eggs and pancakes; scones (the deep fried kind)
  • No schedules - I am the master of my own time!

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