Christmas Eve

Some how Christmas Eve snuck up on me this year. It isn't that I'm not ready - the gifts are bought and wrapped, the decorations are up, the grocery shopping is done. It just seems too early for Christmas Eve.

Somehow the weeks slipped away this year. Between meetings, parties, puppy classes, wedding receptions, and regular life, the days passed way to quickly.

And yet, tonight was just as planned. Dinner with J's family - homemade pizza, deviled eggs, crackers and cheese ball, orange frappe, and candies from J's niece. The white elephant gift exchange was memorable with people vying for the few gifts worth taking home and hoping you didn't end up with something that would resurface next year or the year after as a gift. And J's sister-in-law shared a cute activity with the kids that talked about the meaning behind the symbols of Christmas - the perfect reminder of the reason for the season.

So here I sit, with the holiday lights on, hoping I get one last gift put together for K and J tonight. But mostly grateful for the gift my Savior has given me - the chance to live with him again. I love this season. Love the feelings it brings out. Love the decorations. Love the reminder of my purpose here on earth.

I am grateful for Christmas and the love it surrounds me with. Merry Christmas!

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