It's unfortunate for January that it comes after December (and yes I do realize that technically January comes first since it is the first month of the calendar year).

I mean, think about it.

January has one holiday and it seems that a lot of companies don't include it as part of their "official" holiday list.

January is typically cold and in Utah, filled with no drive days because of bad air quality.

In December, we spend a lot of money and in January, we start watching what we spend (where's the fun in that?).

If you're like me, January means trying to change the way I eat and trying to get up early in the morning to exercise (notice the use of the words "trying").

And last but not least, January means putting Christmas away for the season - whether it's putting away the decorations or taking the music off the iPod, Christmas is officially over.

There you have it, proof of why January is not the month I would want to be if I were a month in the calendar.

But, there are some bright spots. There's snow, ah, beautiful snow! And there's less worrying - did I get all the presents bought, do I still have money in my checking account, how many pounds am I gaining from all this delicious food? And I have vacation days I can take to make Martin Luther King Day an "official" holiday.

So while January may not be my favorite month, it is a month that is needed. Needed to put balance back in life and time to slow down and enjoy....the beautiful snow.

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